Welcome to the USS Akira

The year is 2390. It's 11 years after the "Nemesis" incident (the short-lived Reman takeover of the Romulan Star Empire and 3 years after the Hobus Supernova incident that destroyed the heart of their empire, Romulus, leading to their collapse as a superpower in the quadrant.

Tensions are high across the galaxy. The Klingons are fighting a two-front war against the remnants of the Romulan Empire and the powerful Gorn Hegemony. Starfleet is actively trying to provide relief supplies to the Romulans, while reinforcing the Klingon-Romulan border in an attempt to maintain peace and negotiations between all parties. Raids on Federation colonies near these borders are frequent and stretch Starfleet resources thin.

During this turbulent time, the USS Akira-B, commissioned years ago to deal with the Dominion, Borg, and other powerful threats to the Federation, has just undergone a major refit to prepare it to deal with more immediate adversaries. The USS Akira is an Intrepid-variant, heavily upgraded with the most lethal and experimental weapon systems Starfleet has developed. She's a battleship designed specifically to deal with open conflict, able to protect the Federation's borders against any and all adversaries or, if necessary, take the fight into the heart of the enemy with no support.

The USS Akira is a text-based roleplaying game that takes place in the Star Trek universe. We meet every Wednesday night at 9:30 PM ET in AIM room "USS Akira FSF". If you are interested in joining, go to http://www.sb254.com or the Join section of our website, create an account, make your own character, and select USS Akira as your prefered simulation.

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